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First year in the VP Seat

When I meet people somewhere in the conversation, I am often asked, ‘Wow… how did you get here?’  I describe my career as a black girl growing up in a white house.  Imagine all the nuance there, being amongst people that do not look, talk or come from where you do....

The Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship & Where I Have Been

My entrepreneurship journey has been wild and is not for the faint of heart. It is also been a canvas for creativity and personal growth.  This experience has forced me to embrace the unknown, push my limits, increase my focus, and learn to pace myself.  The energy I had to own destiny and leave a lasting impact. 

Community Resources

#HIREBlack – Founded by Black women with recruiting backgrounds, #HIREBLACK has an innovative approach to identifying, attracting, and connecting high-performing diverse talent within their network with companies and organizations. They are impact-driven super-connectors who facilitate authentic interactions through job boards, hiring events, summits, and workshops.

Join the #HIREBLACK Slack Channel – Connect, get career advice, and make a career bestie

BabyscriptsBlack Mothers Are Dying in the US  Babyscripts addresses weight and blood pressure related-complications that disproportionately affect Black women

Fibroid Management Uterine fibroids can affect any woman of reproductive age, but Black women are more likely Trusted Source than others to develop them. Black women also tend to experience more severe symptoms.

My Happy Flo | Plant-Based Period Vitamins Meet your period’s new BFF. A potent women’s health vitamin that supports healthier hormones and alleviates the worst of PMS symptoms for a happier, healthier cycle.

Ruby Love is known for making a wide variety of high-quality reusable period panties and swimwear. Many may not be aware that it also has period leggings, sleep shorts, and period protection geared specifically for athletes, teens, and plus-sized menstruators. Ruby Love believes that life needn’t stop when you’re on your period and has curated a collection of products to make your menstruating days easier.

Their patent-pending technology “provides maximum absorption and protection against leaks.”

Website: | Instagram: @shoprubylove | TikTok: @shoprubylove

Femi Secrets is yet another innovative Black-owned menstrual care company. Its signature product, the Pretty Panty, is a fashionable panty and pad all in one that looks like regular underwear and offers eight hours of protection. You can purchase it by the box, which contains seven one-time-use panties. In addition to its Pretty Panty, it also offers Fibroid Tea and wipes.

Instagram: @femisecrets | TikTok: @femisecrets

Flo is a UK-based Black-owned menstrual care company with organic pads, liners, and tampons made with bamboo and cotton in the cutest packaging that resembles a pint of ice cream. The goal? To “make products that inspire people to feel crazy confident and empowered about their messiest bodily moments.” Noted as a Best Period Care Pick by British Vogue, this Black-owned period care brand rounds off our list.

Instagram: @hereweflo

Looking for a Coach?

Here are a few we have worked with or are confirmed for having great results.

Keiona Gorham

Keiona Gorham

Beauty for Ashes | Life, Leadership and Non-Profit Org Coach

Keiona Gorham has a long professional history of serving women in various organizations ranging from domestic violence and human trafficking shelters, to accountability circles, to coordinating, leading, and speaking at women’s retreats/conferences. Keiona is a passionate and structured leader who makes a positive impact on the individuals, groups, and organizations in which she serves.

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Shanae Brown

Leadership Coach, Workshop Facilitator  No Cream and Your Coffee Founder

Founded in 2021, No Cream in this Coffee LLC provides leadership development solutions to remove the barriers that have prevented women from advancing to the C-Suite. She offers leadership coaching and training to help women win at work, and partner with companies to create impactful and equitable learning and development experiences.

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 Sade Kelly

Sade Kelly

The Fire Inside | Time Mangement Coach

CEO & Founder of THE FIRE INSIDE, a time management coaching and consulting company. As a Time Management Coach, she helps high-achieving women design the life of their dreams by learning how to effectivity manage their time. I teach my clients how to create intentional systems to manage and excel within their work, wellness, & relationships.

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Keiona Gorham

Courtney Ball

Executive Coach for HR leaders

The Courtney Ball Corporation is a career advancement resource for women of color in corporate America. Through individual and group coaching programs for millennial women and corporate partnerships, the Courtney Ball Corporation aims to increase the pipeline of women of color into corporate leadership positions.

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 Sade Kelly

Chandele Morris, MEd.

Author, Educator, and Child Development Consultant | Neurodiversity Advocate / Speaker

Best-selling author, Chandele Morris, M.Ed, has more than 15 years of experience in education, providing services to children and families as a teacher, a school director, a child-development specialist, and an independent early childhood educational consultant. She is a trainer, a speaker, and an advocate for early childhood educators.

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Sam Cartagena

Certified Life + Mindset Coach

Sam helps ambitious women unwind the corporate mindset, redefine success, and tap back into their intuition.

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