Our Mission

The Sisterhood Society for Women of Color is a safe-space community support group for women of color to share, be embraced and feel understood. Our sisterhood is built on curated conversations, held in intimate spaces, amongst diverse perspectives so we can nurture each other and grow together.

Our Mission is to redefine what a women’s empowerment movement is known to be. We are an on-going empowerment support community for minority women. We empower women to have tough conversations to thrive in the environments they exist in both personally and professionally. We assist in identifying pain points to work through and provide tools for women to know their worth in action.

Our Goal to support women of color in living on purpose by taking agency in every area of their lives.

What We Do we facilitate curated conversations in various intimate settings. We facilitate monthly & quarterly brunch and after-work what we call ‘Hey Sis hangouts’ to fellowship and grow together. As there’s nothing like some good ol’ girl time especially with a sisterhood!  

We also have two IG-TV Series called #HeySis_Talks & 'Journey to..'.  We use this platform to discuss our personal self discoveries in our journey of womanhood. Join the conversation !  FOLLOW US on Instagram @HEYSIS_SOCIETY !

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