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The Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship & Where I Have Been

The Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship & Where I Have Been

My entrepreneurship journey has been wild and is not for the faint of heart. It is also been a canvas for creativity and personal growth.  This experience has forced me to embrace the unknown, push my limits, increase my focus, and learn to pace myself.  The energy I had to own destiny and leave a lasting impact. 

 My vision of this movement impacting black women across the world has kept me going when setbacks that came seemed insurmountable.   

What was supposed to be a six-month break turned into a two-year hiatus.  During the break, I reached a professional goal of making it to the VP seat at work. I started therapy which has been so transformative for my personal growth, I met some of the most incredibly dynamic women ever.  The best part is some of them I now call friends!  

What I am most proud of?  Building my legacy by advocating and creating seats at the table for Black women and supporting women in building their own tables.  It takes a village, right? What hits differently is when you are fulfilling your purpose. 

Despite some successes, I was plagued with the question: how do I expand this movement? What is next for this movement?  What I realized is, in order for the movement to grow. I needed to grow.  I needed the time and space to process and develop so I can bring people along on this journey.  There’s an old saying you can’t bring people where you haven’t been. Well… I need to go there… dive into the roots of me and understand my ideologies, redefine my values, explore my traumas and access my narrative at work and in life.  Am I showing up as my best self and am I operating in a way that is fully representative of what I believe?  My continued growth was and is vital to the expansion and existence of this organization and movement. It starts at the top! 

Eight months into my hiatus my inner critic was raging within saying things like ‘You wasted all this time, money, and resources to ‘build something only to quit!’.   It’s in these moments that you dig deep, find your inner resilience, and remind yourself why you started this journey in the first place. Funny, how time reveals the necessities of life, because two years later I’m more clear, determined, and settled in my authentic self than ever before.  Just as trauma can be passed down so can healing and clarity when you do your internal work.  I am so ready to help women LIVE fully, and show up as their best selves in life.   Chile… I have stories to tell and women to set free. I hope you’ll ready for the work!