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Black Girl Joy: Pack Light

Come join us for a day of pure Black Girl Joy where we leave all our baggage behind and just bask in the light!

We’re bringing together black women from all walks of life to connect, share stories, career resources, and uplift each other, and spread some serious Black Girl Joy.

Saturday, July 13 · 12:30 – 4:30pm EDT | PACE UNIVERSITY, NY

Our Official Launch Event - Black Girl Joy: Pack Light

Our launch event will be a vibrant event filled with networking opportunities and inspiring speakers to ignite wellness for women in the workplace. This day will be a day filled with support, inspiration, and community.

We’re bringing together black women from all walks of life to connect, share stories, career resources, and uplift each other, and spread some serious Black Girl Joy.

From inspiring speakers to fun activations, this event is all about embracing our magic and radiating positivity. So, pack light, leave your worries at the door, and get ready for a fun brunch saturday filled with good times, wellness and sisterhood. See you there!

Who is this event for?

Calling all Professional Black Women who are ready to connect.

Calling all Black Women who want to level up their work-life harmony.

Calling all Black Women who are ready to walk into their purpose.

Calling all Black Women who are ready put down their baggage and pack light.

Calling all Black Women ready to take their career and self-care practices to the next level.

If you’re a Black Woman then we want you to pull up a seat at our table.


Sisterhood Networking Hour

Connect with like-minded Black women, build lasting relationships, and share experiences in a supportive and empowering environment. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, mingle and enjoy the event activations. For those that purchased the VIP ticket they will receive professional headshots during this time.

Self-Care / Wellbeing Panel
Learn practical tools, strategies for better managing stress, cultivating inner peace, and prioritizing self-care through guided panel led by experienced facilitators.
Keynote Speaker - Yasmeen Duncan, SSWOC- CEO & Founder

Keynote Speaker Yasmeen Duncan

Career Panel
Designed to help attendees navigate the working world with ease by getting ‘the blueprint’ from women that have done it! Panelist will provide advice in real-time event.

Meet the Speakers

Wondering who you’re going to hear from at the event?

Read below to learn more about our guest speakers.

Keiona Gorham

Shanae Brown

Executive Coach / Facilitator

Shanae Brown is an Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator. As the Founder of no cream in this coffee™, a career development company, Shanae is helping to change the narrative for Black women in Corporate and Tech. As a former HR Business Partner, Shanae has successfully coached and transformed top business leaders in the Music, Tech, and Financial Services industries. Now, she devotes her time to empowering and supporting Black women on their journey to claiming their seat at the table.

Autumn Colon

Entrepreneur / Wellness Advocate

 A multi-hyphenate force—a creative marketer, social strategist, and mental health and addiction group facilitator with over 12 years of experience. She leads a successful digital marketing and web design agency and runs Sol Well, a non-profit, podcast, online community and social impact organization dedicated to supporting mothers of color with mental health challenges. Passionate about empowerment, Autumn guides individuals through their struggles, advocating for open conversations and societal change to uplift these women.

 Sade Kelly

Sam Cartagena

Mindset & Visibility Coach

Sam is the founder of Ambition + Mischief, a community of founders creating a new path to success – one that’s rooted in well-being instead of hustle. As a certified mindset and visibility coach, Sam teaches founders how to shift their mindset, see new possibilities, and get comfortable being seen, starting with how they see themselves.

Keiona Gorham

Ayanna Dutton-Diaz

Marketing Leader / Entrepreneur

Ayanna Dutton-Diaz is a vision-builder, strategic marketing leader, professional development advisor, and entrepreneur. Armed with an MBA in Entrepreneurship from LIM, she has excelled in diverse environments. Crafting purposeful frameworks, employing creative problem-solving, and executing plans for marketing organizations are some of her notable skills in both corporate and non-corporate realms. Ayanna has strategically contributed to renowned brands, including LinkedIn, Meta, Dentsu, Coach, Coty Inc., Wacoal America, and Cadillac, to name a few. In addition, as the co-founder of Non-Corporate Girls LLC, a podcast and lifestyle media brand, Ayanna actively fosters professional and entrepreneurial wellness, embodying her commitment to creating safe spaces and championing community.

Brielle Bryant-Erales

Financial Coach

Brielle paid off roughly $55,000 in about 3.5 years while earning less than $60,000 per year in October 2021. Her goal is to show people that if she can do it, so can they! Brielle currently works full-time for herself as a financial coach, helping clients have a healthier relationship with their money.

 Sade Kelly

Naana Badu

Image Consultant

Naana positions women of color for career success through style, confidence, and authenticity. Naana went from working as a management consultant for IBM and Deloitte to a stylist and FIT-certified image consultant for her business. Naana launched Badu Basics to help women of color focus on personal and professional development by feeling confident about how they look.

Are you ready to pack light?

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The Must Attend Event for Black Professional Women

Connect, collaborate, and advance with our women’s empowerment event.

General Admissions

Your General Admission Ticket Gets You:

  • Full access to the launch event

  • Catered Brunch

  • Attend panel worksops with impactful leaders

  • Learn valuable and tangible skills to further your passions and career

  • The opportunity to network with industry experts and find your sisterhood community

  • Access to Small Business Marketplace and vendors where you can shop.



Your VIP Ticket Includes All The Fixings of the GA Tickets PLUS (+)


  • (+) 3 professional headshot from professional photographer
  • (+) 30-min career coaching session with a certified and/or experienced career coach
  • Swag Bag w/ branded sponsored products



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