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Our Mission

At Sisterhood Society for Women of Color we believe that Black women deserve to live a life without limitations to their overall being which include – health, career, womanhood, and entrepreneurship. 

Our purpose is to empower Black Women to take agency over their lives.  We facilitate our mission of being a ‘Resource HUB’ by providing guidance that enables Black women to take actionable steps towards living well and finding harmony in managing their multifaceted lives.

Our Goal

To provide the playbook for Black women by giving them tools to navigate their journey in womanhood.

Yasmeen Duncan

What We Do

We facilitate curated conversations in various intimate settings. We facilitate monthly & quarterly brunch and after-work what we call ‘Hey Sis hangouts’ to fellowship and grow together. As there’s nothing like some good ol’ girl time, especially with a sisterhood!


Our Founder

Yasmeen Duncan is a distinguished Human Resource executive leader with a rich 19-year career within Fortune 500 Global brands. Serving as a Global Chief People Officer, Yasmeen’s journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a profound impact on the world of Human Resources.

In her role as CEO of the Sisterhood Society for Women of Color, Yasmeen channels her extensive HR experience to empower and uplift Black women, by providing valuable resources and tools to enable Black women to take agency in their lives. Yasmeen is dedicated to fostering overall wellness  and self-empowerment across every facet of their lives.

As a leader, Yasmeen Duncan stands at the intersection of experience and vision.  With a global perspective forged in Fortune 500 boardrooms and a heart dedicated to the empowerment of Black women, she continues to redefine what it means to lead with influence, purpose and impact.

Beyond the boardroom, Yasmeen is a cheerleader for personal growth, a beacon of resilience, demonstrating through her own testimony what it truly means never to give up.  Her divine calling is to inspire and awaken women to confidently walk in their purpose. The Sisterhood Society for Women of Color movement is just the beginning.

Yasmeen Duncan
Notable accomplishments: 
2016 ‘Beauty Game-Changer of the Year’ awarded by Empire Beauty School for workshop Intensive series.
2017 & 2023 – Selected Keynote speaker for AmplifyHer National Women Empowerment conference

2017 – Present, Empire Beauty School advisory board member
2020 – Hyatt Hotels & Resorts – Purpose & Value Award for ‘Leader of the year’ representing Americas region, Full-Service hotels.

It’s a Sisterhood

The Sisterhood Society for Women of Color is a Resource Hub and safe-space community for Black women to share, be embraced, and feel understood.

Hey Sis...

♥ You are LOVED ♥