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Our Mission

Sisterhood Society for Women of Color is dedicated to fostering a community where Black women are empowered to fully realize their potential across various facets of their lives, encompassing health, career advancement, womanhood, and entrepreneurship. We firmly believe in championing the right of Black women to live without constraints, ensuring their holistic well-being, and unlocking pathways to success in every sphere they aspire to excel.

Our corporate mission is to empower Black Women to assert agency over their careers. Through our strategic approach as a dedicated ‘Resource HUB,’ we offer comprehensive guidance to equip Black women with the tools and insights necessary to navigate their multifaceted roles effectively—all our resource efforts center around meeting black career women’s tactical, psychological, and emotional needs. Our commitment lies in facilitating actionable steps, enabling them to achieve holistic well-being and harmony. 

Our Goal

To equip Black women with the playbook to navigate their career journey effectively.

Yasmeen Duncan

What We Do

We gather and send resources to our subscribers, empowering them in their career progression. We facilitate connections between subject matter experts and our community, providing valuable tools and insights to enhance career development and overall well-being. Additionally, we curate safe space events specifically tailored for Black women, fostering opportunities to exchange resources, nurture relationships, and collectively advance.


Our Founder

Yasmeen Duncan is a distinguished Human Resource executive leader with a rich 19-year career within Fortune 500 Global brands. Serving as a Global Chief People Officer, Yasmeen’s journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a profound impact on the world of Human Resources.

In her role as CEO of the Sisterhood Society for Women of Color, Yasmeen channels her extensive HR experience to empower and uplift Black women, by providing valuable resources and tools to enable Black women to take agency in their lives. Yasmeen is dedicated to fostering overall wellness and self-empowerment across every facet of their lives.

Yasmeen Duncan embodies leadership at the convergence of profound experience and visionary foresight. With a global perspective honed in Fortune 500 boardrooms and a passion dedicated to the empowerment of Black women, she continually redefines the essence of impactful leadership—imbued with influence, purpose, and meaningful contribution.

Yet, Yasmeen’s influence transcends the corporate realm. She stands as a beacon of personal growth and resilience, exemplifying unwavering determination through her own journey. Her divine calling resonates in her mission to inspire and awaken women to confidently embrace their purpose. Indeed, the Sisterhood Society for Women of Color marks just the inaugural step in her transformative vision.

Yasmeen Duncan
Notable accomplishments: 
2016 ‘Beauty Game-Changer of the Year’ awarded by Empire Beauty School for workshop Intensive series.
2017 & 2023 – Selected Keynote speaker for AmplifyHer National Women Empowerment conference

2017 – Present, Empire Beauty School advisory board member
2020 – Hyatt Hotels & Resorts – Purpose & Value Award for ‘Leader of the year’ representing Americas region, Full-Service hotels

2023 – Appointed Advisory Council for Change Engine

It’s a Sisterhood

The Sisterhood Society for Women of Color is a Resource Hub and safe-space community for Black women to share, be embraced, and feel understood.

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